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Search Engine Optimization
Maintenance Plans

Search engines are highly competitive and change their algorithms every now and then. It is therefore important to monitor and modify your site as necessary to stay on top. In order to ensure your site continues to obtain top rankings in the search engines, we provide you with several maintenance plans at a minimal price.

SEO Plan Number of
Keyword chosen
Number of Ranks Guaranteed Maintenance Fee
Standard-Top 10 10 20 Top10 ranks $69/Month
Standard-Top 30 10 20 Top30 ranks $49/Month
Premium-Top 10 15 30 Top10 ranks $99/Month
Premium-Top 30 15 30 Top30 ranks $69/Month
Premium Plus-Top 10 20 40 Top10 ranks $149/Month
Premium Plus-Top 30 20 40 Top30 ranks $99/Month

1.You must be an SEO plan customer to purchase a maintenance Plan.
2. All maintenance plans are billed quarterly (3 months) minimum.

What Our Maintenance Plans Include
When you subscribe to our maintenance plans, we will provide you with the following services:

1. Monitoring the ranking of your site in the major search engines.
2. Re-submitting your site to the search engines whenever necessary.
3. Re-optimizing your site for the search engines when it shows a downward trend in its rankings.
4. Delivering a Monthly Ranking Report via e-mail.

Maintenance Plan Guarantee
We guarantee that at the end of every month's cycle, you will obtain at least the guaranteed number of top ranks as outlined in the above table. If at the end of any month we fail to achieve our guarantee, we will not charge you that month's fee until we have accomplished our guarantee. If we exceed the guaranteed number of ranks, you don't have to pay us extra.


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