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Your Money is 100% Guaranteed

If we do not perform, we will refund your money. Your optimization fee is guaranteed to get you high ranks, or it will be refunded. Depending on which plan you choose, we guarantee you a certain number of Top 10 or Top 30 ranks in the major search engines. Even just one top ranking in a search engine can result in significant numbers of unique visitors to your site. Our guarantee is summarized below:

SEO Plan Number of
Keyword chosen
Number of Ranks Guaranteed
Standard - Top 10 10 20 Top10 ranks*
Standard - Top 30 10 20 Top30 ranks*
Premium - Top 10 15 30 Top10 ranks*
Premium - Top 30 15 30 Top30 ranks*
Premium Plus - Top 10 20 40 Top10 ranks*
Premium Plus - Top 30 20 40 Top30 ranks*

For example, if we guaranteed you 20 Top10 ranks, and we achieve only 16 Top10 ranks in the agreed upon period, then we will give you a prorated amount back. In this example, you would get 20% of your money back. If we exceed the guaranteed number of ranks, you don't have to pay us extra.

We look forward to providing your company with the results necessary for building a highly successful Internet business.

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