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How We Do It
(For Google/Yahoo SEO Plan)

Below is the summarized process of our Google/Yahoo Site Optimization service.

1. Once you sign up your plan, we will send you a link to an online form that you complete with your chosen keyword phrases.

2. We will optimize the main page of your web site and create targeted, optimized META tags including title, keyword, description, and ALT tags.

3. We will custom tailor one submission page which will be professionally optimized and designed to get top rankings in Google and Yahoo for your keywords.

4. A robots.txt file will be created, so the search engine spiders are able to craw your site with ease. Robots.txt is a file on a web site in the root directory that is used to control which search engine spiders or robots have access to which pages within a web site. Some search engine spiders will not even spider your web site if they do not find a robots.txt file.

5. Once we have created the optimized pages and robots.txt file, we will send you the files along with detailed instructions on how these pages are to be uploaded to your site.

6. Once you have uploaded the optimized pages, you should submit your site to Google and Yahoo. Detailed submission instruction will be given at that time, the submission process will take you less than few minutes.

7. Google and Yahoo will then add your site to the list of sites to spider. Once the engine spiders visit your site, they will add and index the optimized pages, the whole process might take from 2 to 10 weeks.

8. If we don't meet our guarantee within 90 days after your site has been indexed, we will refund your money according to our guarantee policy.

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